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AirVoice Wireless Updated Plans To Be Like Mint Mobile, But Forgot To Market Them

AirVoice Wireless Multi-Month Plan Discounts
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In January 2022, HTH Communications announced that it purchased AirVoice Wireless, a brand that had become stale over the years and wasn't particularly competitive. AirVoice did little to market itself or even regularly update its plans. However, things have been at least partly changing under new ownership.

Toward the end of summer 2022, AirVoice Wireless underwent a substantial overhaul. The provider's website was completely remade, new plans were put out, and AirVoice began to offer a significant number of certified-preowned phones. Also in 2022, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels were launched. The AirVoice website says hotspot devices are coming soon, which implies hotspot plans should be their next big change. But all of the changes made thus far appear to have been done with very little marketing or fanfare. Personally, I only very recently become aware of them. I have not noticed AirVoice advertise around the web or elsewhere that it even updated its plans outside of what the company puts out on its own social media accounts. In fact, several months ago AirVoice spent the time to film a few short videos to showcase their service offerings yet as far as I can tell they have not put any real money behind them to market to the public. Their most viewed video on YouTube, which you can watch below, launched five months ago and has just 553 views at the time of this writing.

Airvoice Wireless Plan Changes

Prior to the HTH Communications takeover, AirVoice primarily sold monthly plans and pay-as-you-go plans. The monthly plans were previously marketed in a way that I'd consider to be highly dishonest. The plans were advertised to have twice as much realistically usable data than they actually did. For instance, as you can see from this 2021 Internet Archives snapshot, a $20 plan with 3GB of data was advertised. But the fine print showed the plan only came with 1.5GB of high-speed data and 1.5GB of data at 2G data speeds (too slow to realistically use) before data was completely cut off. And virtually all of their plans were showcased in this dishonest way.

Although AirVoice Wireless's website still does have some inconsistencies saying one thing in one place and something else in another, it does look like they finally got rid of their dishonest advertised data allotments. They also launched a free trial offer with 250MB data, 250 texts, and 250 minutes. This AirVoice Wireless webpage explains the free trial offer and also states about all of its plans, "if you use all of your data, no worries, we don’t charge overages or ever cut you off. If you finish all your data for the month, data speeds will slow." And this FAQs page states: "What happens if I hit my monthly data limit?  When you hit your data limit, we don’t cut you off, we just slow it down." However, their terms and conditions page still shows the old plans and terms and probably just hasn't been updated. But the homepage where plans are showcased makes no mention of unlimited 2G data with each plan.

Multi-Month Discount Plans

Airvoice Wireless launched multi-month discount plans in late summer 2022. The plans largely mirror what Mint Mobile has been offering but lack Mint's creative advertising and marketing. Here's a table summarizing AirVoice Wireless's multi-month rate plans. The prices shown include the average monthly cost per plan.

AirVoice Wireless Multi-Month Discount Plans

All plans include unlimited talk, text, and seemingly data, with the specified amount of data available at up to 5G data speeds before throttling. AirVoice calls the 35GB plan unlimited. Hotspot is available on all plans but on the unlimited plan it is capped at 5GB. Video streaming appears to be limited to 480p with every plan. Calling to Canada and Mexico is included at no extra charge.

Just like Mint Mobile, promotional discounted pricing is available for new customers on their first three-month plan purchase. Promotional pricing is shown below:

  • 6GB - $15/mo, $45 due upfront
  • 10GB - $20/mo, $60 due upfront
  • 16GB - $25/mo, $75 due upfront
  • 35GB - $30/mo, $90 due upfront

AirVoice Wireless Monthly Plan Offerings

Monthly plans are also available with small differences compared to their multi-month plans. Autopay discounts are also available with the plans. Here's a table showcasing AirVoice Wireless's monthly plan offerings.

AirVoice Wireless Monthly Plans

Unlimited talk and text are available with every plan. Taxes and fees are extra with both monthly and multi-month plans.

Phone Selection

AirVoice Wireless also launched a large selection of certified pre-owned phones (CPO). At the time of this writing, there are nearly 60 phones available. I won't list all of them, but here are a few highlights:


  • Galaxy A52s 5G - $119.99 (listed price $371.99)
  • Galaxy A71 5G - $129.99 (list price $454.99)
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G - $439.99 (list price $883.50)
  • Galaxy S20 Fe 5G - $199 (list price $557.99)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Plus - $240 (list price $716.09)


  • Moto G Stylus 5G - $69.99 (list $244.97)
  • Moto One 5G Ace - $69.99 (list $244.97)


  • Pixel 5A 5G - $225 (list $427.79)
  • Pixel 6 - $259.99 (list $909.97)


  • iPhone 12 - $285 (list $559.99)
  • iPhone 13 Pro - $600 (list $836.99)

AirVoice Wireless Also Copied Mint Mobile's Phone Promos

Another notable thing about AirVoice Wireless's phone offerings is that they've copied a frequent promo offered by Mint Mobile. If you buy a phone from AirVoice with a 12-month phone plan they'll give you 6 months of free wireless service. This is actually the same offer Mint Mobile is running right now.

AirVoice Wireless, What's The Network?

One thing that's a bit of a mystery about AirVoice Wireless is what network they are currently using. AirVoice had been a long-time AT&T MVNO. The coverage checker on the AirVoice website is broken but it is an AT&T coverage map and even shows "AT&T Prepaid" on it. And if you actually click on the coverage checker to "shop 5G devices" you'll be taken to AT&T's website, so AirVoice/HTH Communications is going to want to fix that. Months ago, a Redditor posted that AirVoice was using a T-Mobile coverage map and on the T-Mobile network. The previously mentioned AirVoice YouTube video also stated AirVoice uses the nation's largest 5G network, which indicates T-Mobile. However, the website no longer gives any indications that T-Mobile is being used. So perhaps, only for a brief period of time, they used the T-Mobile network for coverage.

AirVoice has undergone a major overhaul but has done very little marketing. This seems pretty odd given how significant the changes are, and that they are clearly targeting Mint Mobile's demographic. Mint Mobile recently agreed to be purchased by T-Mobile, and some of those customers may not be happy about that and may be looking to switch brands. If AirVoice wants to have the success that Mint Mobile has achieved they've got to do more than just copy their plans and promos. Mint Mobile didn't grow its subscriber base to 2-3 million on its plans alone, they put a lot of creative effort into marketing them from day one.

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