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iPhone SE 5G Free At Xfinity Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S23 $500 Off

Xfinity Mobile Free iPhone SE 2022 Deal
Xfinity Mobile Free iPhone SE 2022 Deal
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Xfinity Mobile has a few new deals out. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S23 is up to $500 off with no trade-in required. Customers can also get up to $800 off Samsung Galaxy phones with a device trade-in. Xfinity Mobiel has also launched a "Get the iPhone SE with 5G on us" deal.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Discount Offer Details

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is now available for pre-order with discounted pricing of $12.50/month down from $33.33/month. The full retail price is $799.99 or $299.99 after the discount.

To claim this offer in its entirety, you'll have to make a 2-year commitment to Xfinity Mobile. The phone must be purchased on a 24-month Xfinity Mobile device payment plan agreement. The offer is available to both new and existing customers.

New customers must activate a line of service and port their number in from another carrier within 30 days of purchasing the phone. Existing customers must activate the phone on their line within 15 days of ordering it. Existing phones must be paid off in full to purchase a discounted Samsung Galaxy online or by pre-order.

If you fulfill the requirements above, you'll receive a monthly device credit applied to your bill. If you end up canceling the line or try to pay off the phone earlier than 24 months, you'll forfeit the remaining monthly device bill credits.

Customers who have an eligible device to trade-in can save up to $800 on their purchase, making the Samsung Galaxy S23 free.

Other discounted Samsung phones that are part of the offers above include the following:

Prices shown are without a trade-in

  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ - $20.83/month ($499.99), list $41.66/month ($999.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - $29.16/month ($699.99), list $49.99 ($1199.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 - $54.16/month ($1299.99), list $72.99/month ($1799.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 - $20.83/month ($499.99), list $41.66/month ($999.99)

If you have a device to trade-in you'll save $800 on the listed retail price.

These offers are scheduled to last at least until 3/31/23

iPhone SE With 5G On Us Offer Details

iPhone fans can get the 2022 iPhone SE with 5G for free from Xfinity Mobile. This offer has mostly the same terms as the discounted Samsung Galaxy device deals and does not require a trade-in. Customers will have to sign up for a 24-month payment plan, activate service, and port a number in from another provider within 30 days of purchasing the phone. The device will be made free by way of 24 monthly bill credits. The offer is not available to current customers.

The iPhone SE deal is scheduled to be available at least until 2/14/2023. Only the base, 64GB model is available for free. It's regularly priced at $17.91/month or $429.84.

Xfinity Mobile operates as a Verizon MVNO. Phone plans start at $15/month for a shared data plan with 1GB of high-speed data and go up to $45/month for a single line or $60/month for two lines with 20GB of high-speed data each line before throttling. Xfinity Mobile is only available to new subscribers that also have Xfinity Internet. Customers that cancel their Xfinity Internet will pay an additional $25/month per line for their Xfinity Mobile service.

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