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UVA Mobile Launches as a T-Mobile MVNO

UVA Mobile Plan Summary
UVA Mobile 2-Line Plan Summary
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Currently in Beta testing, UVA Mobile has launched as a prepaid wireless provider that utilizes T-Mobile's network as a backbone.  To help acquire subscribers for the beta launch, UVA is offering special discounts in plan pricing for those who join their program this early in their launch.

The early bird discount is for 2-line share plans that can be used for either two people, or two different devices.  The company is also offering two lines of service for the price of one in the form of pay for one month and get the second month free.  UVA Mobile will offer business plans in the future as well.

Plans and Pricing

At this point the companies plans are rather simple, as there is only one price point offered at $50 for two lines and data, talk, and text amounts are shared between each line.  Your plan however can be customized to include differing amounts of talk and data.  As an example you have the option to pick a plan with more data and less talk, or more talk and less data all for the same price.  A summary of their offerings are in the table below.

All Plans Include LTE, 5,000 International and Domestic Texts and a $5 International Calling Credit and No Roaming.
UVA Mobile Plan Summary
UVA Mobile 2-Line Plan Summary

UVA also offers add on packs, and if you sign up for service early, you'll also get the buy one month get one month free benefit.  Add-ons are available at the set price of $10 and options are as follows:

  1. +1 GB Data
  2. +1000 Talk
  3. Unlimited Text
  4. International Long Distance Coming Soon

Taxes and federal/state fees are not included in any of the prices listed, and they of course will vary from state to state.


Overall these plans look pretty good and competitively priced, particularly if you need 2 lines.  The best plan to me looks like the one with 3.5 GB of shared data with 1000 minutes of talk.  On a per line basis, it would seem you can't find more LTE data for less with a cost of about $25 per line and if shared equally 1.75 GB of LTE data each.


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