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Tracfone’s Annual Plan With 3GB Of Data Is Now $29.99

Tracfone's eBay Exclusive Annual Plan Is Now $29.99
Tracfone's eBay Exclusive Annual Plan Is Now $29.99
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Tracfone's eBay Exclusive Annual Plan Is Now $29.99
Tracfone's eBay Exclusive Annual Plan Is Now $29.99


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Last year Tracfone debuted an eBay exclusive annual plan with 1200 minutes, 1200 text messages and 3GB of data for $49.99/year. The plan has been discounted numerous times since then.  Now, the plan's price seems to have been lowered once again to $29.99/year and it may be permanent. That is a really great price for the plan which seems to be selling like hotcakes.  At the moment the item listing says that it's 72% sold.

The plan gives subscribers the choice of signing up for it on either the AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon networks.  SIM cards are all supposed to ship with airtime preloaded but do require activation. The plan's details also state that "Verizon Compatible SIMS now preloaded with airtime and requires activation." That last sentence is important because in the past Tracfone had been accidentally selling the plan without preloaded airtime on Verizon.  Some customers who picked up the plan had a hard time getting their money back for the SIM card shipped without airtime.  Tracfone's customer support in regards to their eBay plans isn't always very good.

Unfortunately, the plan is not sold with the option to purchase it for an existing SIM.  So the offer doesn't appear to be available to current subscribers.  Tracfone also has other listings for the plan. This listing, in particular, is only for service on the AT&T network.

Unlike many other annual plans on the market, Tracfone's annual plan is for 365 days of service. Many other providers consider an annual plan to be 360 days.

Those interested in the plan can pick it up with free shipping. Sales tax may cost extra and vary based on location.

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