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Tracfone eBay Bundles Include $69.99 Samsung A03s With 1Yr Of Service

Tracfone Samsung A03s eBay Phone And Plan Bundle Deal
Tracfone Samsung A03s eBay Phone And Plan Bundle Deal

By Joe Paonessa – Jan 24, 2023

Tracfone regularly offers big phone and plan bundle discount deals through various outlets including eBay, HSN, and QVC. Deals typically include a phone, 1 year of service, a case, and a car charger. One popular bundle deal is for a $69.99 Samsung Galaxy A03s that includes 1500 minutes, texts, and MB of data good for a year of service. Customers also get a case and can choose from the colors black, blue, blue marble, and navy paisley. A car charger is also included. Tracfone's eBay store claims the regular retail price of the bundle would be $184.99. Tracfone sells the plan by itself on its own website for $125 or $118.75 with auto-refill, so the bundle indeed offers big savings!

Other Tracfone 1500 Min, 1500 Text, 1500 MB Of Data Phone Bundle Deals

Tracfone has several other phone bundle deals available that include 1500 use as you go minutes, text messages, and MB of phone data good for a year of service. Each deal comes with its own extras, some have car chargers and a case while others include a pair of earbuds. Here are the available offers:

An additional deal with the same 1500 min/text/MB of data annual service plan is available from QVC. QVC shoppers get a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G for $104.96. It also includes a car charger, power bank, and phone case. QVC claims the regular price is $149.99 for the bundle.

Tracfone 1200 Min, 1200 Text, 1200 MB Of Data Phone Bundle Deals

Tracfone is also offering a few flip phone bundle deals with annual service that includes 1200 texts, minutes, and MB of data through both HSN and eBay. Here are eBay and HSN flip phone deals.

  • $49.99 Orbic Journey V2 - includes earbuds and two phones. Bundle list price is $224.99. This phone is also available with the same service plan from HSN for $29.99. The HSN deal only includes one phone though and comes with a car charger instead of earbuds.
  • $44.99 TCL FLIP 2 - includes car charger and case. Bundle list price is $144.99

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