TPO Wireless 50 Percent Off July 2016 Sale
TPO Wireless 50 Percent Off July 2016 Sale


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UPDATED:7/2/2016 It seems that TPO has changed their initial promo to now only include select plans.


The People's Operator, otherwise known as TPO Wireless, has just extended a promotion it had been running where new subscribers could get 50% off of the plan of their choosing for their first month of service.  With the extended promotion, customers must now order service by August 1st and activate their SIM card by August 31st to qualify for the discount.    a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO is offering 50% off of all of its plans until July 1st for those who activate by July 11th.  Sale pricing is for one month of service, after which (on your next months bill) pricing for each plan will revert back to its regular monthly rate.

Pricing for each TPO Wireless plan is listed below.

Reg= regular price.

Regular prices shown include an autopay discount.  Data is hard capped, there is no throttling after your high speed allotment is used up.  After your first month of service prices go back to their regular monthly rate.

TPO Wireless June July 2016 50% Off Sale

Plan Name Talk Text Data Price
Kind   1000   Unlimited  500 MB  $8 reg $16
Noble   Unlimited   Unlimited  2 GB  $12.50 reg $25
Caring   Unlimited   Unlimited  3 GB  $17.50 reg $35
 Hero   Unlimited   Unlimited  5 GB   $40
 Gracious   Unlimited   Unlimited  7 GB   $60
 Global  Unlimited + Mexico & Canada   Unlimited + Mexico & Canada  2.5 GB   $39
 Tablet  0  0  2 GB  $20
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Get A FREE GSM Sim when you switch to TPO Mobile!

In addition to the 50% off discount, the MVNO is also offering $10 account referral credits to subscribers who refer a friend.  Both the current account holder and the referred friends account will get a $10 account credit.  

TPO Wireless donates 10% of your monthly bill to a charity of your choice.

The service provider was founded in the UK in 2012 before coming stateside in 2015.

The MVNO supports Sprint and T-Mobile devices as well as any unlocked device you have that is compatible with either Sprint or T-Mobile's network.  Plan prices do not include any taxes or fees which will vary based on where you live.  Off network roaming is unavailable.

TPO's Noble plan is competitively priced, and you can see how it compares to other MVNO plans for under $30 in this list of the cheapest cell phone plans of 2016.

(Originally posted 6/18/2016, updated 6/30/2016)

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– Half-price applies to your first bill, then it reverts to full price.


Yes, thank you. That’s mentioned in the picture and in the first paragraph of the article. You’re the second person to mention this, so maybe the words I used in the article are not clear enough and I can add something else to it.