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TPO Mobile Intros New Low Cost Plan Geared Towards Light Users

By Joe Paonessa – Feb 27, 2017
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TPO Mobile, the wireless provider that offers subscribers low cost service on their choice of either the Sprint or T-Mobile network, has introduced a new phone plan that should help to strengthen its market share in the light user niche.

The new plan is called the Gentle Plan, and it is priced at $10/month with autopay enabled for 500 minutes, 500 texts and 250 MB of data.  Without autopay the price is $15/month.  Like TPO Mobile’s other plans, taxes and fees are not included in the listed price.  In my area, this plan worked out to $11.97/month after taxes with autopay enabled.  

TPO Mobile's other plans are as follows:

  • Kind Plan - $16/month, 1000 minutes, unlimited text, 500 MB data
  • People's Plan - $21/month, unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data
  • Noble Plan - $25/month, unlimited talk and text, 2 GB data
  • Caring Plan - $35/month, unlimited talk and text, 3 GB data
  • Hero Plan - $50/month, unlimited talk and text, 5 GB data
  • Infinity Plan, a Sprint network exclusive - $54.99/month, unlimited talk, text and data with the first 50 GB at LTE speeds

The quoted prices are all with autopay enabled.  Without autopay, prices are $5 more per month.  Additionally, TPO Mobile is running a special offer where subscribers can get up to 20% off of select plans for their first 3 months of service.  This offer is scheduled to expire at the end of February, so if you're on the fence about subscribing you may want to act quickly before the offer disappears.

The company is running a few other promotions as well.  Those that refer a friend are eligible to receive either a $10 account credit or $5 in cash.  Free SIM cards can also be ordered if you want service on T-Mobile's network, however if you want service on Sprint's network, they will cost $6.99.  No word as to when these promotions will end.

For more information or to signup before the promotions end, head on over to the TPO Mobile website.

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