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Total Wireless Becoming Total by Verizon; New Plans And Website Leaked

Total by Verizon
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On April 4, Verizon filed a trademark for "Total by Verizon." And since early June, Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research has been reporting that Total by Verizon would likely roll out as a brand. More recently, Walmart's Total Wireless webpage has been updated to say "get ready for something big," and "find new horizons in September 2022, keep the plans and coverage you already love, and more."

Walmart's Website Hinting That Changes Are Coming To Total Wireless
Walmart's Website Hinting That Changes Are Coming To Total Wireless

And now, a BestMVNO exclusive.

BestMVNO has found a hidden website that redirects from the Total Wireless website to a testing site for the new Total by Verizon brand. Users visiting the Total Wireless website at will automatically be redirected to

It's unknown how long the test site will remain up and running, and it's possible by the time you read this the site gets taken down.

Update: Verizon has shut the test site down to the general public. However, an official website at should launch any time between now and the end of September. In the meantime, some screenshots of the test site have been added to the end of this article.

Update 2: The Total by Verizon website has officially launched today, 9/21/2022. You can now become a subscriber. The Total Wireless brand is now retired and you can no longer access the Total Wireless website. However, if you are a current Total Wireless customer, you will be able to keep your plan moving forward. Total by Verizon does not say how long you'll be able to keep your old Total Wireless plan other than "for a significant period."

The Total by Verizon test site is up complete with new branding and new plans. The new plans though do largely mirror Verizon Prepaid much more than Total Wireless. This begs the question, will Verizon Prepaid also fold into the new Total by Verizon prepaid brand? It remains to be seen, but answers will likely come very soon as evidenced by Walmart.

Total by Verizon Logo
Total by Verizon Logo/Branding

Total by Verizon Plans

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that all this information comes from a test site and since it is a test site the plans and features shown on it may not be finalized. What follows below is what is displayed on that test site and is subject to change. Update: The brand is now official and the plans below, from the test site, are the actual plans that launched.

Total by Verizon plans will start at $30/month for a plan with 5GB of high-speed data. Verizon Prepaid's base plan also offers 5GB of high-speed data and starts at $40/month but drops down to $25/month after 9 months due to a loyalty discount benefit. Total Wireless does not offer a monthly phone plan with 5GB of high-speed data.

Total by Verizon will also offer a $40 plan with 15GB of high-speed data. Verizon Prepaid also offers a plan with 15GB of high-speed data, Total Wireless does not.

Like Verizon Prepaid, Total by Verizon will also offer two unlimited high-speed data plans. The base unlimited plan will cost $50/month and comes with a 6-month free Disney+ subscription, a perk that was also recently added to Verizon Prepaid's unlimited plans. The flagship unlimited plan will cost $60/month and appears to come with a free Disney+ subscription that is not just a 6-month trial.

All plans include mobile hotspot usage.

The two cheaper plans include unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada. The base unlimited plan allows for unlimited talk and text to 5 countries of the customer's choosing. The flagship unlimited plan includes unlimited talk and text to 69 countries. The flagship plan is the only one to include 5G Ultra-Wideband network access. All other plans only include 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide network access. There is a 5% auto-refill discount available with all plans. A full summary of each plan is in the table below.

Total by Verizon Phone Plans
2G DataUnlimitedUnlimitedN/AN/A
5G Ultra-WidebandNoNoNoYes
Talk & Text to Mexico & CanadaYesYesYes*Yes
Add A Line For $35NoYesYesYes

*Customer can choose 5 countries to have unlimited talk and text to

Mix And Match Multi-Line Plans Get A Discount

Total by Verizon's plans will put an emphasis on multi-line discounts, something that Total Wireless also offers but Verizon Prepaid lacks. Customers of the new brand will be able to add two or more lines to their accounts at a cost of $35/line. The $35/line discount is only available to plans priced at $40 or higher. Customers can mix and match plans and still get the discount. There is no multi-line discount available with the $30 plan. An international roaming benefit is also available to customers who purchase two or more lines on a plan priced at $40 or higher. The international roaming benefit is not available on multi-line purchases of the $30 plan.

Plan Add-Ons

The Total by Verizon brand will also offer a couple of plan add-ons. A global calling card will be available for $10 allowing international calling with rates starting at 1¢ per minute that can be added to any service plan. The calling card is only available for calls originating in the USA. Unused balances do roll over to the next month of active service.

A data add-on card will also be available. Customers can purchase 5GB of high-speed data for $10. The data will carry over indefinitely and does not expire with active service.

Total by Verizon Rewards Program

Similar to Total Wireless, Total by Verizon will also have a customer rewards program. It appears that customers will be able to earn rewards for their purchases and service. The rewards can then be used to get discounts on future purchases. For instance, the 5GB data add-on and global calling cards will each be available to purchase with 1,000 reward points.

It looks like Total by Verizon will be available for purchase at national retailers as well as through Total by Verizon stores. The Total by Verizon stores would place the brand in direct competition with Boost, Metro by T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless as each competing brand has its own nationwide network of stores. There is a store locator available on the Total by Verizon website that you can access here and it has a filter for Total by Verizon "exclusive locations."

Total by Verizon Screenshots From The Test Website

Total by Verizon Test Site Plans Screenshot
Total by Verizon Test Site Plans Screenshot


Total by Verizon Test Site Plan Add-Ons Screengrab
Total by Verizon Test Site Plan Add-Ons Screengrab

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