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Ting and Giv Mobile Giving Away Smarthphones

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T-mobile MVNO Giv Mobile is giving away a smartphone for those who sign up for either the $40 or $50 Unlimited Everything plan for two months.  Released in 2012, the Alcatel-OT991 is the smartphone you'd receive by signing up for one of these plans.  The $40 plan includes 250MB 4G/3G data before throttling and the $50 plan includes 2GB.  This might not be a bad deal if you are interested in trying a T-mobile MVNO as you can simply resell the phone at signup using the proceeds to possibly pay for those two months of service.  This only works of course if  you already have a phone to bring to Giv Mobile.  You could also resell the phone used for roughly $90 which is the going rate on eBay.

Sprint MVNO Ting is also giving away a smartphone to recent college and high school graduates.  To qualify for this offer you must signup by July 14th, have graduated in the year 2014, and submit proof of graduation.  You also must purchase an Optimus Elite, the cost of which will later be refunded to you by means of an $83 account credit.

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