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Solavei to Exit Bankruptcy Merge with Aspider

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Solavei Logo        Several months back, Solavei, a T-Mobile based MVNO filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This past week the company announced that it has filed its plan for reorganization which should allow it to emerge from under chapter 11 bankruptcy in 45-60 days.  Solavei is reorganizing by merging with ASPIDER, a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler based out of the Netherlands.  ASPIDER provides MVNOs and other companies with solutions for provisioning, billing and revenue management.  The ASPIDER platform is responsible for handling more than 120 million mobile service subscribers via approximately 70 MVNO/MNO customers.

      Solavei says ASPIDER is going to provide them with recapitalization funds, as well as to help them expand and accelerate growth across their Social Commerce platform.  Under the reorganization Solavei will get to keep its name and operate as a stand alone entity.  No service disruptions or changes to its business model are expected.

       Solavei is an MVNO that considers itself to be a social commerce network.  Subscribers to the service are given a way to share the brand with friends and others via it's social platform, and in doing so, are rewarded financially anytime someone signs up for service. Solavei Social Commerce Platform

      The MVNO is far from being the cheapest prepaid provider out there although unlike some of its competitors it does offer domestic roaming for voice and SMS, but not for data or MMS picture messaging.  Solavei offers four plans, and three of them include unlimited talk, text, and data with varying amounts of LTE data.  The plans have changed recently.  The three plans that offer data are as follows:

Solavei's Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans

  1. $29/month 100 MB of 4G LTE data
  2. $39/month 1 GB of 4G LTE data
  3. $49/month 3 GB of 4G LTE data

The company offers one other prepaid plan that does not include data at a cost of $24/month for unlimited talk and text. The $49 prepaid plan previously offered only 2 GB of LTE, while the $29 plan is new.  Gone is the $69 offering which included 4 GB of LTE data.

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