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Simple Mobile Promo Offers A Free Month Of Service With Purchase Of A Phone, And Yes There’s Unlimited LTE Data

Purchase A Phone With A Plan And Get Your Second Month Of Service Free With Simple Mobile
Purchase A Phone With A Plan And Get Your Second Month Of Service Free With Simple Mobile
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Now through March 24, Simple Mobile is running a special promotion for those that switch to the wireless provider which runs on T-Mobile's network.  Simply purchase a new phone with a plan and you'll get your second month of service free of charge.  Even if you don't need a new phone, you can purchase a device starting at just $39 and still end up saving money on your phone plan.

The fine print says that you'll get a bill credit in your second month of service that will match the plan that you initially subscribed to.  You'll get the credit upon activation of the new line of service.

Phone Plans

Simple Mobile offers several different cell phone plans, including one that features what is the latest buzz word in wireless, unlimited data.  All of the MVNO's plans come with unlimited talk, text, international calling to over 65 countries, international texting and data with varying amounts at high speed.  All data containing plans also include full service roaming while in Mexico at no extra charge.

A summary of Simple Mobile's phone plans is as follows:

  • $25 - Unlimited talk and text only
  • $37.50 - 4 GB LTE data
  • $47 - 5 GB LTE data
  • $55 - 10 GB LTE data
  • $60 - Unlimited LTE data

Except for the $25 plan, the prices listed are all with autopay discounts.  Without autopay, your bill will run you $3-$5 more per month. Taxes and fees are not included in the pricing, and will vary by location.

Phones Offered

Simple Mobile sells a wide variety of phones, including some of the newest on the market.  The iPhone 7 for instance is currently available for $749 or $36.98/month for those that need financing.  Google's Pixel can also be had at the same price.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 is available for $599 or $30.12 with financing while the LG G5 can be had for $399 or $20.98/month with financing.

The T-Mobile MVNO offers quite a few more phones that were just released in the past year as well as some older models such as the LG Nexus 4 for $99.00.

The cheapest offering is a bit undesirable in my book being that it is an old ZTE Concord priced at $39 which features Android Gingerbread as the OS.  Of course those already with a phone trying to stretch every dollar, may still want to scoop up this cheap offering and couple it with a more expensive phone plan to save few dollars on their second month of service with the provider.  You don't have to use your newly purchased phone to get your second month of service free.

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