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Simple Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $37.50/Month With An Amazon Prime Subscription

Simple Mobile Offers Discount To Amazon Prime Members
Simple Mobile Offers Discounted Cell Phone Plans To Amazon Prime Members
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It looks like wireless providers may be starting to make a push to partner with and/or sell through Amazon.  Just a few weeks ago we saw Red Pocket Mobile release an Amazon exclusive plan that featured unlimited talk, text and 3 GB of data that could be used on any network at an average cost of $21.25/month.

Now Simple Mobile has partnered with Amazon to bring you some truly great deals.

Those who already have an Amazon Prime subscription, and those who are willing to signup with Amazon Prime can now get an unlimited talk, text and LTE data plan for just $37.50/month from Simple Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO.  That's a savings of 25% off the plan's regular price of $50 ($45 with auto pay billing).  If you don't need an unlimited LTE data plan, Simple Mobile has a few other plans available with the same discount.

A summary of Simple Mobile's exclusive Amazon Prime discounted plans follows below:

Simple Mobile's Amazon Prime Discounted Plans

  • $18.75/month - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1 GB at high speeds.  Regular plan price is $25/month
  • $30/month - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 4 GB  6 GB (Updated on 8/28/17) at high speeds.  Regular plan price is $40/month
  • $37.50/month - unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data without mobile hotspot.  Regular price is $50/month
  • $45/month - unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data with 8 GB of mobile hotspot.  Regular price is $60/month.

Like all unlimited LTE data plans, a practice of data prioritization is employed with Simple Mobile's two unlimited LTE data plans.  This means that if you consume more than 32 GB of data in a given month, Simple Mobile may temporarily slow your speeds down during times of heavy network congestion.  Video streaming is also limited on these plans to a resolution of about 480p.

All of Simple Mobile's plans include unlimited international calling to landlines in 64 countries, and mobile calling to 20 countries.  Full service roaming, meaning talk, text and data access while traveling in Mexico is included with each plan at no extra charge.

Taxes are not included with the prices shown and do cost extra.  Simple Mobile says that you'll get to keep the discounted prices as long as you maintain your Amazon Prime subscription and keep your account setup with auto pay billing.  With the discounted prices applied, this is currently the cheapest unlimited LTE data plan that I am aware of.

If you are ready to signup with one of these plans head on over to Simple Mobile, but don't forget to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription if you don't already have one.

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