Scratch Wireless Quietly Updates Rates to Include Unlimited Data

Scratch Wireless


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     Special thanks to one of our site visitors"PacoTaco" for spotting Scratch Wireless's new plan options that now include unlimited data.  Scratch Wireless offers no contract cell phone plans that piggyback on the Sprint network when need be.  The MVNO offers plans at various price points including a completely free wi-fi only plan that offers unlimited talk and text. If you need to get onto the cellular network, daily, bi-weekly and monthly passes are offered as follows:

Data                                             Voice

$1.99/24h/unlimited                             $1.99/24h/unlimited

$14.99/15 days/ 500 MBs                     $6.99/15 days/100 minutes

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$24.99/30 days/unlimited                    $14.99/30 days/unlimited

Texting is always included, no matter what plan you have free of charge. One caveat with this MVNO though is that they don't offer you the option to bring your own device as of yet.  In fact the only phone they offer for use with their service is an older, and given its age low end device, the Motorola Photon Q.

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Oh hey look! That’s meeeeee!
PacoTaco’re welcome!