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Scratch Wireless Ends Unlimited Monthly Data Plans

Scratch Wireless
Scratch Wireless, featuring the latest news, deals and phone plan offerings from this Sprint MVNO.
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According to a poster on Howard Forums who received an email from Scratch Wireless, the company plans on getting rid of its monthly unlimited data plan. Currently the company offers unlimited data at a rate of $24.99 for 30 days.  While the new plan will retain that same price, only 1 GB of data will be offered once the change is complete.  Scratch Wireless has also commented on the board so it looks like you can pencil this change in as a fact.

Scratch Wireless is an MVNO that operates on Sprint's network.  The pseudo carrier operates as a wi-fi first provider, meaning all calls and texts over wi-fi are completely free.  You can sign up for service and never pay a cent if you don't mind being restricted to wi-fi only usage.  If you ever need to hop onto a cellular network, the company offers network passes in the form of data or voice only for one day at a time or 30 day monthly passes.  A summary of Scratch Wireless's offerings is in the infographic.

Scratch Wireless's Daily and Monthly Cellular Passes

Scratch Wireless Plan Summary
Scratch Wireless Daily and Monthly Cellular Passes

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