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Republic Wireless Subscribers Can Now Automatically Connect To 30 Million WiFi Hotspots

Republic Wireless Subscribers Now Have Access To 30 Million WiFi Hotspots
Republic Wireless Subscribers Now Have Access To 30 Million WiFi Hotspots


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Republic Wireless is an MVNO that operates on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks.  WiFi calling and texting is also an integral part of the Republic Wireless experience.  In fact the company relies heavily on WiFi to provide service to its subscribers.

Last week Republic Wireless announced that it has partnered with a national leading provider of WiFi hotspots.  The result of that partnership is that Republic Wireless subscribers now have free access to an additional 30 million nationwide WiFi hotspots.  If you are a subscriber to the network, your phone will now have the ability to automatically connect to those hotspots.  This effectively increases the size of the MVNO's network and will help to keep costs down for subscribers.  Republic Wireless charges $5 per GB of data, and users can add more data to their plan at any time.  The hotspot access should help reduce a customer's need to pay for more cellular data.

Republic Wireless App How To Enable Automatic Hotspot Connectivity
Republic Wireless App How To Enable Automatic Hotspot Connectivity

In order to  be able to automatically connect to the hotspots, Republic subscribers will need to download the latest version of the Republic app, version 3.2 or higher.  From within the app, you'll have to tap on the gear icon (pictured) to access the settings.  Then tap on Verified WiFi Hotspot Settings, and finally hit the slider to enable free WiFi connectivity.  I'm not sure why this has to be done manually since it is essentially an expansion of the network.  Perhaps in a future update, it will be enabled by default.

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Republic Wireless is working on a hotspot coverage map so that you can see how much of a benefit you may get from the new feature.  At the moment the map has been pulled from the MVNO's website due to "technical issues."  When available you should be able to view it here.

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2 years ago

One of the things that I experienced with Republic Wireless hybrid network that handles voice calls is that when on WiFi calls the volume of the voice calls was so low that one is forced to either use speakerphone even on a modern up to date Motorola Moto 5G plus or use a plug in headphone jack with microphone to make or take a phone call which is very inconvenient and cumbersome at best.

Now since I have moved back to Sprint I have not had this problem interestingly enough; now in the process of moving back to Sprint via the Sprint Unlimited Kickstart seven day sign up for unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messaging and up to twenty three gigabytes monthly data allowance I have not had this problem anymore.

So I got the opportunity to effectively save a very significant seventeen percent off my Republic Wireless bill or about $50 a year and upgrade myself from only 1,000 mb monthly data allowance to up to twenty three gigabyte’s of monthly data allowance; thus hitting two birds with one stone by utilizing the Sprint Unlimited Kickstart plan for only fifteen dollars per month.

Now for those who did not get a chance to sign up for the actual Sprint Unlimited Kickstart plan which expired after only seven days; one can sign up for a new MVNO wireless service provider company named “Visible” that is being offered by Verizon(similar to Sprint offering MVNO Boost); they offer also unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messaging and up to twenty two gigabytes monthly data allowance for forty dollar a month.

The good news is that this will be the every day low price offering that is not limited to a very small seven day sign up period; so one will still be able to save quite a significant amount of money if one uses quite a bit of data monthly; now normally Verizon charges a very onerous twenty dollars a month service line fee; which in the case of the new Visible MVNO offering one does not have to be charged this rather excessive fee amount anymore monthly.

One also not only gets one of the best Verizon cell tower array infrastructures builds in the business in terms of quality and amount of actual cell towers but one also gets the highly desired lower frequency cell tower radio spectrums that allow one to be able to get clearer higher quality smartphone voice call over significantly longer distances; while at the same time being able to maintain that clearer higher quality voice call inside an office building also as well because this lower frequency cell tower radio spectrum does a much better job at penetrating office building structures.

Finally one should honestly consider trying out the Visible MVNO wireless service provider since it offers the expected MVNO month to month billing without any potential contractual concerns or issues with a conventional wireless service provider; so one can cancel without any advance notification which is something that is very attractive and flexible expectation to have if one is unhappy in any way with ones expected wireless provider service.