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Affordable New Verizon MVNO Puppy Wireless Launched With 4G LTE Data Speeds

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Kitty Wireless, a long time dealer and support specialist of and for the Verizon based MVNO Page Plus Cellular has opted to start an MVNO of its own, Puppy Wireless.  Puppy Wireless will provide 4G LTE service using Verizon as a backbone and will also provide legacy 3G service through that carrier.

Some of their plans are structured rather oddly though like an offering of 4000 SMS but with only 5 minutes of voice and 5 Mb of data for $22. This is rather quite expensive for a primarily texting only service given how little data SMS consumes and the general cost of data industry wide.

On the other hand the prepaid wireless provider does appear to have a real winner on its hand that should surely excite some of you Verizon enthusiasts out there. Puppy Wireless is offering 1 GB of LTE service with 750 talk and 750 SMS, for $29.95 and this in my opinion is their best offering value wise.  The pricing of this plan should put a few Verizon MVNOs on notice that maybe it's time to rethink and restructure their plans as currently no other Verizon based provider is offering more LTE data for less. Welcome to the cheapest plans table Puppy Wireless!

There is a bit to note though to temper enthusiasm somewhat. As with all Verizon based MVNOs, download speeds are capped at approximately 5 Mbps and upload at 2 Mbps. Those speeds should still be plenty fast for the majority of users out there though.  Overages come in at one flat rate of $0.05 for SMS, voice and data.

A summary of Puppy Wireless's LTE plans can be found in the table below.


 Plan Voice/SMS LTE Data
$10.9550/5050 Mb
$12.95150/15050 Mb
$14.95250/25050 Mb
$135/20005 Mb
$17.95350/35050 Mb
$19.95300/300300 Mb
$225/40005 Mb
$24.95400/400400 Mb
$29.951200/3000500 Mb
$29.95750/7501 GB
$39.95unlimited/unlimited1 GB
$55unlimited/unlimited3 GB

For more on Puppy Wireless check out their "about us" page which is currently hosted at Kitty Wireless.  The official Puppy Wireless homepage is still under development as of this writing.

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