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Google Fi Flexible Phone Plan

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Price: $30

Networks Used:T-Mobile, US Cellular
High Speed Data:1GB
Includes Unlimited 2G Data:No
Network Type:4G LTE, 5G
Hotspot Data:1GB
International Talk/Text:Yes / Yes
WiFi Calling/Texting:Yes / Yes
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$30 / $360
Price Includes All Taxes And Fees?     No

Online Payment Forms Accepted

Credit Cards, Debit Cards

Plan Details

  • Unused data refunded at end of the month.  Use only 500MB get a refund of $5 at the end of your billing cycle
  • International calls cost extra, rates vary
  • Data roaming and texting available in over 200 countries at no extra charge
  • Talk, text, and data usage in Canada and Mexico at no extra charge
  • International data speeds at up to LTE data speeds
  • Phone automatically switches between Wi-Fi, T-Mobile, and US Cellular for calls and texts
  • Group discounts available. Additional lines can be added for as little as $16/month

Single And Multi-Line Billing

Customers are billed at a rate of $10 per GB of data consumed for up to 6GB of data on a single line plan.  After that, data is unlimited with no additional charges. Use over 15GB of data and speeds are slowed to 256Kbps for the remainder of billing cycle.

For customers with more than 1 line, the same $10 per GB of data consumed rate applies, however, Google will continue to bill you beyond 6GB as follows:

  • 2-lines – billed for the first 10GB used
  • 3-lines – billed for the first 12GB used
  • 4-lines – billed for the first 14GB used
  • 5-lines – billed for the first 16GB used
  • 6-lines – billed for the first 18GB used

For multiple lines, customers are billed based on the combined amount of data used between all lines. Each line on an account can still use up to 15GB of data before speeds on that line are throttled to 256Kbps

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