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Data Only Provider Karma Mobility Offers Data That Never Expires

Karma Go Device


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Karma Go Wi-fi hotspot
Karma Go Wi-fi hotspot

          Karma Mobility is a data only provider that operates on the Sprint network.  Recently they had a little fun mocking the T-Mobile commercial that stars Kim Kardashian.  You see Karma wants you to know that T-Mobile wasn't the first provider to offer data carryover, and that they have in fact been offering it for the past two years.  Data that you've already purchased from them is always there for you when you need it and never expires.  The MVNO made a parody commercial of their own to let you know this little fact.

         Karma offers data only plans that start at $14/GB with bulk discounts when you purchase more.  The MVNO operates a little bit different than most others in that in order to use their service you must purchase a device from them to act as a portable wi-fi hotspot (pictured).  This portable wi-fi hotspot is a gateway to their service and you can use it to connect all your other devices to their pseudo network.   These plans seem to be good for those of you who have tablets or other devices that don't have a mobile connection but would like to get them online.  A summary of their pricing strategy is as follows:

  • $14 for 1GB
  • $59 for 5GB (save $10)
  • $99 for 10 GB (save $40)

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        None of those plans require you to make monthly payments, they are all pay as you go.  Karma says that with their wi-fi hotspot you'll be able to connect up to 8 devices and you'll average 6-8 Mbps download and 2-3 Mbps upload as long as your hotspot is being used in an area with LTE, otherwise you'll get 0.6-1.4 Mbps down and 0.35-0.5 Mbsp up.

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Tony BenBrahim
Tony BenBrahim
4 years ago

If you have a mobile phone, I fail to see how paying $14 per GB in an addon service makes any sense at all.

4 years ago
Guess the ride is over?? Just when users thought it was too good to be true.