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Kajeet Offers 25% Off Select Phones

By Joe Paonessa – Mar 10, 2015
Kajeets Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
Summary of Kajeets Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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      Using code "SMARTY" Sprint MVNO Kajeet is currently offering 25% off select phones.  Phone selection is rather limited however with a majority of phones being models that have been on the market for at least one year if not more.  Even with the discount, prices aren't exactly cheap as the 8 GB iPhone 4S is selling for $247 with the discount.  The phone can be found for significantly cheaper on eBay going for $99.99 brand new through a reputable eBay store like Best Buy.  Kajeets prepaid phone plans aren't exactly cheap either.  However the brands major selling point is that it is geared towards children and thus all its phones come with the ability to be controlled online through the companies parental control software.

Parental Control Software

      Kajeets parental controls allow you to monitor and control how and when the phone gets used.  For instance, through your computer, you can disable the phone while your child is at school or when they should be studying or in bed.  You can set a schedule so that these settings go on and off at predetermined times so that you don't have to change them every time you want to disable or enable them.

     Kajeets parental controls also allow you to block calls and texts from certain numbers, as well as restrict access to certain websites while the phone is using a cellular connection.  The controls also allow for GPS tracking so you can monitor your childs location at all times.

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       As mentioned, the companies plans aren't exactly cheap, but they do come with the special parental control software.  A summary of their offerings can be found below.  They do allow you to bring your own device to their platform, so if interested you can do that and still have access to their parental control software.

Kajeets Prepaid Cell Phone Plans
Summary of Kajeets Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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