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ATT MVNO Jolt Mobile Adds Low Cost Plans Via T-Mobile

Jolt Mobiles Prepaid Wireless Plans
Summary of Jolt Mobile's Plans
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        Jolt Mobile has been in business since 1995, and for many years it has also been an ATT MVNO.  Recently however, the prepaid wireless provider began offering low cost plans that rely on T-Mobile's network.  These plans include their PayGo and newly implemented Affordable Flex plans.  Jolt's Unlimited Monthly plans remain on ATT and are rather expensive when compared to other ATT MVNO's. That's something the provider may want to look into rectifying if it wants to continue to add new subscribers instead of losing them.  Upon closer inspection you can see their PayGo plans also suffer this problem to a degree.  For instance their lowest plan cost $25 for 250 minutes of talk, 500 text, and 250 Mb of data that lasts for up to 60 days.  One could subscribe to RingPlus+'s Hazel plan and pay $7.99/month +tax for 300 talk minutes, 300 texts and 100 MB of LTE data and save several dollars.  You could also subscribe to Jolt's own monthly Affordable Flex plan for $10/month and receive 250 minutes of talk, 500 text, and 200 MB of data.  After two months you'd have paid $20 for 500 minutes of talk, 1000 texts, and 400 Mb of data, saving you $5 over the $25 PayGo plan plus you'd get more of everything.  Sometimes its extremely difficult to decipher the logic between a providers pricing scheme, and in this case I'd have to recommend that Jolt reconsider the pricing on some of its plans given the particular problem I just outlined.  This particular issue isn't unique to just Jolt Mobile though, and I advise any of you out there considering a pay as you go plan to investigate some of the cheap monthly plans offered by various MVNOs, because quite often they can be cheaper than the pay as you go pricing.

        One last note about Jolt Mobile before we summarize their plans.  The company charges a 3.5% + $0.25 processing fee for all online credit or debit card airtime purchases.  Also Jolt's unlimited monthly plans have their data shut off once half of it has been used up for the month, and you must annoyingly call them to have them turn on the remaining amount of data that you have left.  This policy seems rather absurd, given that most of their competitors don't do this, and most offer cheaper plans with more service.  A summary of some of Jolt's plans can be found in the infographic below.

Summary of Jolt Mobile's Prepaid Wireless Plans

Jolt Mobiles Prepaid Wireless Plans
Summary of Jolt Mobile's Plans

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