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GoSmart Mobile Doubles Your Data

By Joe Paonessa – Nov 5, 2014

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GoSmart Mobile Doubles Your Data

UPDATED: 11/5/2014    It seems to be the industry trend lately, every time I look there seems to be a new provider that's doubling it's data.  Today it's GoSmart Mobile's turn.  For $35  you'll now get unlimited talk, text and 1 GB instead of 500mb of 3G data with throttling thereafter to 2G.  The real bargain in my opinion though is jumping up to the $40 plan where you'll get 6 GB of [/su_column] [/su_row]3G data instead of 3 GB.  That's the most amount of data you can get at that price for any provider, however it's important to note that these plans max out at 3G data speeds which according to GoSmart you can expect to reach download speeds of 400-700kbps these plans top out at HSPA+ speeds which buried deep on the GoSmart website may mean download speeds of 2-11 mbps .  If you are a heavy Facebook user you'll be happy to know you'll have unlimited access to Facebook at 4G LTE speeds. Whether or not these plans are a real bargain for you or not is something you'll need to decide for yourself, although my T-Mobile MVNO page can likely help you with that. As you can probably surmise now, GoSmart is a prepaid wireless provider operating on the T-Mobile network, and in fact it is owned by T-Mobile.  These new rates are effective from now up until February 1st, 2015, after which time all data plans will revert back to their regular rates.  So what do you GoSmart Mobile users think out there?  Are you happy with these new rates, and what kinds of speed do you get?

GoSmart Mobile HSPA+
GoSmart Mobile Data Speeds


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