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Frawg Wireless Late to the Party, Adds LTE

By Joe Paonessa – Feb 8, 2015
Infographic Summary of Frawg Wireless Plans
Summary Of Frawg Wireless Plans

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        In a time when providers are starting to move beyond basic and expand upon LTE technology with services such as Sprint Spark and T-Mobile's Wideband LTE, Frawg Wireless has finally upgraded its service to include LTE in some areas.  Frawg Wireless, owned by Ntelos, is a regional independent carrier that also operates as MVNO on the Sprint network to give it nationwide coverage.  Since they are a small regional carrier, without nationwide LTE, we do not cover this carrier on our Sprint MVNO page.  Still, if you are in an area where they do have coverage, you may find some of their plans to be of good value to you, as some of their offerings are pretty similar to Boost Mobile's prepaid wireless plans. Frawg Wireless/Ntelos primary coverage areas include Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

Frawg Wireless Plan Summary

Infographic Summary of Frawg Wireless Plans
Summary Of Frawg Wireless Plans

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