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Sprint MVNO EcoMobile Waives Buh Bye to Unlimited Data Plans

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Sprint MVNO EcoMobile, has quietly gotten rid of its unlimited data plans while keeping pricing the same.  New rates are now $40, $50 and $60 for 500 MB, 2.5 GB and 5 GB respectively. Previously the $40 plan was not permitted for smartphones but that has now changed with the new data allotments.  The $60 plan is the only one that operates on LTE, the other plans are 3G.  Based on Sprint's track record for paltry 3G speeds, it would seem the $60 plan is your only option here.  I'm not sure how great of a deal this really is.  Basically what seems to have happened is prices have effectively been raised without actually raising the dollar amount. Could this be a sign that EcoMobile is in financial trouble or was unlimited data simply too much for them to offer?

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