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DataXoom a Multi Network Data Only MVNO for Your Business

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DataXoom Logo

          DataXoom is a relatively new MVNO that operates on the Sprint, ATT and Verizon networks and is exclusively for businesses.  The MVNO provides cellular data only, to be used with tablets, mobile wi-fi hotspots, USB modems, and other devices used in the work place.  Plan options include pay for what you use by the megabyte pooled across all users, as well as in bulk by the gigabyte and terabyte.  DataXoom will allow you to use your existing devices or give you the option to purchase new ones to use with their service.  Aside from simply offering data for your business, they will also provide you with demo and loaner units, custom logos and home screens and will help you source wireless hardware and software for your businesses needs.  With DataXoom you'll maintain control over who has access to what on the network.  For instance, you can set data usage limits for individual users, or block access to various websites.  This sort of control is not implemented on a particular users device, but rather by the mobile network, much like how a traditional network administrator would control an inter/intranet network.  Service is provided contract free.  Pricing information is not explicitly stated on their website so you'll have to contact them directly to get more information or a price quote.

          There seems to be a growing trend in the industry for MVNOs to cater towards businesses as opposed to being solely aimed at the consumer.  DataXoom says it is the first MVNO to exclusively cater to businesses and it was founded in 2012.  Earlier we told you about RingPlus’s plans to get into that market, and we previously wrote about Harbor Mobile which is also aimed squarely at businesses although unlike DataXoom they also offer traditional cellular services such as talk and text.  There is at least one other provider for businesses out there that
BestMVNO will soon be profiling as well.  As this category of MVNOs expands keep an eye on the blog and you'll be kept up to date on all the latest.

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