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Visible by Verizon’s Holiday Deals; Visible+ Plan $35 For Life, $240 Off iPhones

Visible by Verizon Black Friday 2023 Deals
Visible by Verizon Black Friday 2023 Deals
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Visible by Verizon's Black Friday 2023 deals are set to launch on 11/22/23 and there will be a special offer available exclusively on Cyber Monday, 11/27/23. The Cyber Monday featured offer will be that Visible by Verizon will offer you their flagship unlimited plan, Visible+ for $35/month for life. The plan is normally priced at $45/month. A promo code will be required to get the offer, and that code is 35FLASH. Currently, Visible by Verizon is offering the plan for $35/month for 6-month with promo code 35FOR6.

The Visible+ plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data usage on Verizon's 4G LTE, 5G Nationwide, and 5G Ultra Wideband (UW) networks. Subscribers get 50GB of premium priority data to use when connected to their 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE networks, and unlimited premium priority data when connected to 5G UW. Premium priority data is data usage and speeds that get prioritized over other customers when the network is busy. That means your data speeds won't slow down as much as other customers on the network when it is congested.

Visible+ subscribers also get unlimited hotspot usage with data speeds limited to 5Mbps but only one device can connect to the hotspot at a time. It also includes talk, text, and data roaming while traveling in Mexico and Canada with a high-speed data allowance of 500MB per day. Unlimited texting to over 200 countries, 500 mins/month of calling to over 30 countries, spam call blocker, and the ability to save $10/month off of Verizon Home Internet are additional included plan features.

Deals Launching On 11/22/23

Visible by Verizon has several offers launching 11/22/23, although details of each aren't 100% clear yet. But here are the deals scheduled to come out:

  • New lines can purchase select iPhones on the Visible+ plan and save up to $240 via monthly bill credits. Visible sells several iPhone models from the iPhone 12 all the way up to the $1199 iPhone 15 Pro Max. Details of exactly which models will get the offer have not been released, but I'll update the article when they come out.
  • The same offer as above is also going to be available for Google Pixel devices. In fact, the Pixel device offers are already out. Monthly bill credits will be for up to 24-months. The Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 8, and Google Pixel 8 Pro have $10/month device credits over 24-months, while the Google Pixel 6a, and Google Pixel 7a offer $10/month monthly bill credits over 12-months.
  • Trade-in your old phone and get a minimum $100 trade-in credit
  • Use code WATCHPROMO with iPhone activation and save $5/month for a year on your Visible plan for your Apple Watch. An Apple Watch plan is normally priced at $5/month so this means you will get the plan for free. Visible by Verizon has already run this promo over the last few months.

All offers launching 11/22/23 except for the trade-in promo have an end date of 12/31/23. The $100+ trade-in credit promo is scheduled to end on 12/5/23.

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