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Samsung Will Sell You An Unlocked Galaxy S8 For As Little As $12.50/Month Or A Galaxy S9 For $15.42/Month

Samsung Offers Financing And Trade In Options On Its Unlocked Galaxy Devices
Samsung Offers Financing And Trade In Options On Its Unlocked Galaxy Devices
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Samsung offers a pretty generous device trade in program. The company also has financing options available that can be used to purchase a new unlocked device. Because of these two factors, individuals shopping for a new smartphone no longer have to be dependent on the major carriers to get affordable pricing and a good deal on an flagship device.

Why Go Unlocked?

Some of may be wondering why you should bother purchasing an unlocked phone instead of getting a carrier deal.  The answer is simple, freedom of choice.  With an unlocked phone in hand, you are free to take it to any carrier or MVNO of your choosing at any given time.  There are no requirements to keep it locked to a certain network for x amount of time or until its paid off.  That means if another carrier or MVNO comes out with a cheaper plan, you can switch to it at any time with no questions asked or penalties to be paid.

Since both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 are sold unlocked, they will work on virtually every carrier and MVNO in the USA.

Unlocked Samsung Device Financing Options

Direct from Samsung, the 64GB Galaxy S8 is available unlocked for $599 upfront or $24.50/month with 24 months of financing. Samsung does not charge any interest on the device during the 24 months, so this would be a good offer to take advantage of. If you have a device to trade in, you can get the phone for significantly cheaper. Samsung is accepting trade-ins from Google, LG, Apple and of course Samsung. The 24 months financing option is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Trade-In Discount Options

Customers who own any Galaxy S7 variant, including the Edge, Active or base model can trade it in to Samsung to get $200 off the purchase of a Galaxy S8.  That means eligible customers will get the device for just $399.99, or $16.67/month. Samsung devices as far back as the Galaxy S6 can be traded in for a $150 discount. Trading in an iPhone 8 or X will get you a Samsung Galaxy S8 for just $299.99 or $12.50/month.  Trading in any iPhone 7 variant will get you $200 off, while the SE and 6 editions will net you $150 in a trade.

The same discounts are available to be used towards the purchase of an S8+. The full retail price on the S8+ is $689.99 or $28.75/month.  However, if you are trading in an Apple iPhone 8, it's yours for just $389.99 or $16.25/month.

Select LG devices can be traded in for anywhere between a $50 and $200 credit. Google Pixel devices will get you $150 to $300 off.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Trade-In Discount Options

Samsung is selling the unlocked Galaxy S9 for $719.99 up front or $30/month with financing. The unlocked Galaxy S9+ can be had for $839.99 or $35/month with financing.

Trade-in discounts are actually priced a little bit different than they are for the Samsung Galaxy S8 editions.

If you want to trade your Galaxy S8 in for an S9, Samsung will discount the S9 by $350.  That means you can get an S9 for $369.99 or $15.42/month.  If used towards an S9+ you can get it for $489.99 or $20.42/month.

If you want to upgrade from any Samsung Galaxy S7 model, you will get a discount of $300. The same goes for iPhone 7 owners, who can turn their phones in towards the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S9 to the tune of a $300 credit instead of the $200 that they would get for trading up to a Galaxy S8. An iPhone 8, 8+, or X will net you $350 in a trade in.

LG and Pixel models are being valued between $150 and $300 in a trade in. Any other brand being traded in will net you $50. Even phones with cracked screens will get you up to $100 in a trade in.

Get An Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Today!

Of course for maximum value on a trade in, you may simply want to resell your device on eBay, Gazelle or Amazon. Doing it that way will likely get you the most value, but will also cost you a little more work and you run the risk of a buyer running an empty box scam on you.

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