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Motorola Moto X Try Before You Buy

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 7, 2014

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Surprise, surprise, another day and another Motorola Moto X story.  Tomorrow Motorola is releasing a 64 GB version of the Moto X for $449.  If you like to take lots pictures, videos, or store a lot of music on your phone,  you should give this smartphone some serious consideration.  To sweeten the deal Motorola is even offering a try before you buy!  On Monday, June 9th, Motorola is offering a try before you buy opportunity where you can sample the phone for two weeks at a cost of one cent!  If you don't like it, return it.  This promotion will be ongoing while supplies last.  I have a feeling supplies won't last very long, so you may want to keep refreshing that Motorola page to catch it the instant it goes live. Perhaps the best part of all of this, is Motorola will even let you customize the phone before you bring it home to try.

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