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Motorola Moto X on Sale Direct Through Motorola and Through Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 4, 2014

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It seems like every other week the Motorola Moto X goes on sale, which pretty much suggests no one should ever pay full price for one.  Starting today, for 48h only you can get $100 off both the 32GB regular edition and the developer edition. If you're interested in this deal, grab one here for $349.  The highly customizable Motorola Moto X is a decent spec'd phone to bring to an MVNO featuring a 720p 316 ppi amoled screen and 10mp camera with 2gb of ram and a dual core 1.7GHz processor.  The phone also comes with a 2200 mAh battery.  Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless is currently offering the 32 GB version for $299 although you'll have to use the "design yours" option to see the price at checkout.  If you're jumping on this deal, bear in mind the model may soon be replaced by the Moto X+1 which could be one of the reasons why this device has been put on sale so often recently.  Lastly, it seems Motorola is keeping this phone updated, as they announced Android 4.4.3 is now available for select Moto X, G, and E cell phones putting it on par with the Nexus series.

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