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Motorola Discounting Phones By Up To $150 For 2 Days Only

By Joe Paonessa – Apr 2, 2018
Motorola 45th Anniversary Phone Sale
Motorola 45th Anniversary Phone Sale, Save Up To $150 On Select Phones

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Motorola will soon update its cell phone lineup. We can probably expect the company to to clear out inventory of last year's models by placing some of them on sale. The first of such sales is about to start by way of an "anniversary sale."

Discounted Motorola Phones

Starting on April 3rd, 2018, and for 2 days only, Motorola is celebrating its 45th anniversary by placing the following phones on sale:

The great thing about Motorola phones is that they are sold unlocked and are compatible with virtually every carrier and MVNO in the USA. That means the next time you come across a great deal on a phone plan you can switch providers without having to pay an ETF or paying off an installment plan. In fact, Motorola sells its phones with device financing options, so you don't have to fork over all the cash up front if you don't want to.

Motorola is selling all phones with free 2 day shipping. Additionally, all Moto Mods will be 25% off during the sale, and device financing options are available for many of them as well.

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The sale is set to end on April 4th at 11:59 pm CT.

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