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Kroger Has A Sale On Select Budget Prepaid Phones For Up To $15 Off

Kroger Prepaid And Unlocked Phone Deals Include Motorola Gambit
Kroger Prepaid And Unlocked Phone Deals Include $39.99 Motorola Gambit

By Stephen Vicinanza – Apr 15, 2022

Kroger is running a sale with $5 or $10 off the regular price of select phones from a variety of networks. Some of the brands being featured are AT&T, Total Wireless, Tracfone, and Kroger Wireless. 

Prepaid Phones On Sale For $5 Off Or More Of The Regular Price, Sale Details And Fine Print 

Kroger is running a sale on select electronics, including cell phones. The select phones do not need to be bundled with a service plan. The offer expires on April 18, 2022. Here are the discounted phones:

AT&T Prepaid

  • Calypso, sale price $29.99, regular price $39.99
  • Alcatel Floyd, sale price $29.99, regular price $39.99

Total Wireless 

  • Blu View 2, prepaid, sale price $24.99, regular price $29.99
  • TCL A3, prepaid, $34.99, regular price $39.99

Kroger Wireless

  • PCD Jaguar Pro II, sale price $39.99, regular price $49.99
  • Sky Elite E55, sale price $34.99, regular price $39.99


  • BLU View 2, sale price $24.99, regular price $29.99


  • Galaxy A02, sale price $69.99, regular price $79.99
  • Galaxy A12, sale price $109.99, regular price $119.99


  • Gambit, sale price $39.99, regular price $49.99

The phones listed here are all an extra $5 off in-store. All phones are sold locked to their respective networks except for the Samsung and Motorola phones which appear to be unlocked and not network-specific. Offers vary by zip-code, and you may not see all available options based on your zip. 

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