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Cox Announces Mobile & Internet Bundle Plans

Cox Mobile Releases Internet Plus Phone Plan Discount Bundles
Cox Mobile Releases Internet Plus Phone Plan Discount Bundles
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Cox Communications has announced internet and mobile phone plan bundles. Customers who sign up for both an internet and phone plan from Cox will receive a $14.99/month discounted rate on their internet service.

Cox Mobile is only available in markets in the 18 states served by Cox Internet. Cox Mobile operates as a Verizon MVNO and has just two phone plans, a plan billed at $15 per GB of data used and a $45 plan with 20GB of high-speed data before speeds are throttled to a maximum of 1.5Mbps download and 750Kbps upload. Taxes and fees cost extra.

Internet plans start at $49.99/month without a Cox Mobile plan and are as low as $35/month with a phone plan. Below is a list of Cox's internet and phone plan bundle offerings. Internet offerings with download data speeds are highlighted. Customers can choose either Cox phone plan option to receive the discounted internet bundle rates shown below.

  • 100Mbps - $49.99 w/o Cox Mobile, $35/mo with Cox Mobile
  • 250Mbps - $69.99 w/o Cox Mobile, $55/mo with Cox Mobile
  • 500Mbps - $89.99 w/o Cox Mobile, $75/mo with Cox Mobile
  • 1Gbps - $109.99 w/o Cox Mobile, $95/mo with Cox Mobile

Cox Internet plans are restricted to 1.25TB of monthly data usage. Upload speeds are limited to 10Mbps except on the 1Gbps plan where upload speeds are limited to 35Mbps. There's also a new 2Gbps internet plan, but pricing is not publicly shown on the Cox website.

Cox Communications says the bundle discounted internet rates will be effective for 24 months after the customer first signs up for them. They'll presumably return to their non-discounted rates after that. The discounts are offered with no annual contracts or cancellation fees.

Phone plans plus internet bundle discounts have become industry standard offerings. Pretty much every provider, both traditional wireless carriers now offering 5G home internet and traditional cable companies with mobile service offer them. The bundles help providers retain their current customers and also provide a cheap and effective way to market additional services to them. Both Spectrum and Xfinity have used their internet subscribers to quickly grow their mobile subscribers. And both of course offer bundle discounts.

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