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Beast Mobile Founder Launches Flex Mobile

New MVNO Flex Mobile Launched
New MVNO "Flex Mobile" Launched
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A new MVNO was launched a few days ago by Leigh Hunt, the founder of Beast Mobile. Hunt has been in the wireless business for over 20 years and aside from running MVNOs, he has also operated an MVNE or mobile virtual network enabler. An MVNE provides the administrative and software infrastructure that allows an MVNO to set up and operate its business. Leigh's latest MVNO venture is called Flex Mobile.

Update 2/3/22: The Flex Mobile website is currently down and offline. Update 2, 2/10/21: The Flex Mobile website is back up and running.

Flex Mobile is a no-credit check wireless provider that operates a bit differently than other MVNOs in the market. Rather than having a monthly bill to pay, customers will pay by the week. Flex Mobile is advertising that its services cost "$7.50 to start & $7.50 every week for unlimited talk, text & 5G data." Data is not truly unlimited. Customers that consume more than 5GB of data during a service cycle will have their speeds reduced to 2G for the remainder of that service cycle. Although Flex Mobile customers will be paying their bill by the week, it's not clear what is meant by a service cycle. I have reached out to Leigh Hunt for an explanation and imagine it means every 30-days. I'll update the post when a response is received. Update: It has been confirmed that the 5GB of high-speed data is per month, not per week.

It is operating as an MVNO on the AT&T network.

Flex Mobile helps people pay bills on a schedule that works for them. You should be able to choose when you pay your bills.

Flex Mobile is structured to have weekly payments to help customers pay their bills on a schedule that best works for them. They are advertising no late fees or overdrafts and it sounds as if a missed payment won't result in service being shut off. Flex Mobile advertises "Tired of your prepaid cellphone service getting shut off the day you miss a payment? Get Flex Mobile & never worry about that again."

Flex Mobile's "About Us" webpage says that its mission is to allow customers to choose the days that they pay their critical bills so they don't have to worry about making payments and having enough funds to pay on days that don't work best for them. Flex says that their platform connects to almost every major payment company to make sure your bill is covered on the 1st and that you can choose the days you'd like to pay on. The company has aspirations to become a payment center for its customers' other bills as well. Their website states "As we expand to other bills, we hope to become your hassle-free bill payment center; where you get to easily arrange and manage your finances without stress."

Given that Flex is a new platform, potential subscribers are told to expect the possibility of running into some issues along the way but they are open to feedback and suggestions for improvement. Flex Mobile can be contacted at [email protected] and/or by visiting their website at

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