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Xfinity Mobile “On US” Promo, Customers Can Get Free Moto E Or LG K51

Xfinity Mobile Offering A Couple Of Free Phones To Switchers
Xfinity Mobile Offering A Couple Of Free Phones To Switchers
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From late November through December 7, Xfinity Mobile ran an "On Us" promotion that gave customers either a free MOTO E, LG K51, or iPhone SE. Two of those deals are now back. Customers can get their choice of a free MOTO E or LG K51. I'm not entirely clear if the Android phone offers from December were actually extended on their original end date in December, or if they were just brought back now. But Xfinity does have a history of extending promotions perpetually. For instance, one long-running promo has been a prepaid gift card for new bring your own device (BYOD) customers. Xfinity refreshed its BYOD gift card offer on January 11th and it stands at $25.

Xfinity's Free Phones "On US" Offer Details

Like all free phone offers, there is some fine print to sort through here. First, the offer is limited to new customers and new lines of activations only. Customers are required to purchase either an LG K51 or a MOTO E on a device payment plan. Customers must also port their numbers in from another carrier within 30 days of purchasing their phone. If the qualifications are met, the phones will be made free in for form of device credits spread out over 24 months. Lines that get canceled, and subscribers electing to either pay their phone off early or pay more in a given month than they have to will forfeit their remaining device credits. The offer cannot be combined with any other offer. The "free" phone deals are scheduled to be available until at least 2/3/21.

The MOTO E is valued at $149.99. The LG K51 is valued at $199.99.

$25 BYOD Prepaid Gift Card Offer Details

The offer is available to new lines of activation only and does require a number port-in within 30 days of activation. Subscribers must then maintain service in good standing for 90 days to qualify for the gift card.

Xfinity Mobile's BYOD gift card offer is limited to select eligible phones, primarily iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and some Google Pixels. If you are interested in the offer, you can check if your device is eligible by using their device eligibility checker.

If you fulfill all requirements for the gift card, you will be mailed a VISA Prepaid Card within 16-18 weeks after activation. The card expires after 180 days. The offer is scheduled to be available until 2/24/21, but it's probably a safe bet to assume it either gets extended or tweaked after that day.

Universal Fine Print

Signing up for Xfinity Mobile phone service requires that customers also be subscribed to Xfinity Internet. Customers that don't maintain internet service will be charged an additional $25/month per line for their phone plan. Xfinity Mobile phone plans start at $15/month for unlimited talk and text with 1GB of high-speed data. 5G network access is included with 5G capable devices. Unlimited plans start at $45/line per month. Service is provided on the Verizon network.

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