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News about apps and companies that provide wi-fi calling and free phone calls.

Cablevision via Freewheel to Provide Unlimited Talk Text and Data via Wi-FI

            Has your Twitter timeline been hit with an advertisement for Freewheel?  Mine has.  Freewheel is Cablevision's attempt to branch out as...
Freedompop Logo

Freedompop Offers Unlimited Talk Text and Data over its Nationwide Wi-Fi Network

       Freedompop expects to surpass one million subscribers over the next few months and plans to do so with the help of...
Google Logo MVNO service

Google to Offer Mobile Phone Service as an MVNO

         Google reportedly is trying to shake up the MVNO and mobile phone world by soon becoming an MVNO itself.  I...
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Call Ring Talk Provides a Free Phone Number and Free Phone Calls

                 Just the other day I wrote about RingTo as a provider of free SMS and voice calls to anywhere in America.  Today...

RingTo Free Calls and SMS For All

         We've mentioned many times before that signing up for a plan with unlimited calls and texts isn't really necessary anymore these days, what's...