Verizon Prepaid Motorola G
Verizon Prepaid Motorola G


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Walmart has rolled back the price of the Motorola G prepaid non LTE version to $24.99 which is $14 cheaper than what Amazon is currently selling it for ($38.88).  The Walmart sale price is also cheaper than what you would find on eBay.  The budget phone, released in late 2013 has reviewed quite well.  A bit of caution though if you are planning on purchasing the device for use with an MVNO, you MAY have to have it active with Verizon prepaid service for 6 months before switching over as that had been Verizon's policy in the past.  A brief look online suggests some people have been able to activate new unused Verizon Prepaid devices on MVNOs but I can't confirm if there have been any recent policy changes.

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