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Verizon’s Latest Prepaid Offering Features 2 GB Of Data For $40

Verizon Wireless Offers New 2 GB Prepaid Plan
Verizon Wireless Offers New 2 GB Prepaid Plan
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Verizon went live today with a brand new prepaid plan, or lowered the price of a previous offering depending on how you want to look at it.

The new plan features unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at full 4G LTE speeds before they get reduced to 128 kbps.  The plan also includes international texting to over 200 countries, and with autopay enabled, carryover data for up to one billing cycle.  An add on is available for $10/month that adds 1000 minutes of calling to Mexico and Canada.

This new plan is nearly identical to Verizon's old $45 prepaid plan.  The old plan included 2 GB of data, but with autopay enabled it got bumped up to 3 GB, a feature I'm sure that many appreciated.

Verizon also offers 2 other prepaid plans, one priced at $50 that includes 5 GB of high speed data, and another that includes 10 GB of data for $70.  All plans include the same feature set, except the $70 plan includes unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada.

The new plan from Verizon still lags behind similar plans from competing providers as well as as its own MVNO’s.  AT&T’s prepaid brand GoPhone for instance offers 4 GB of high speed data, rollover data, and unlimited text messaging to over 100 countries at the same $40 price point.  Total Wireless, an MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network, includes 5 GB of data for $35 month.  
 Verizon even offers some prepaid plans exclusively through Walmart that include more data than what you can get from Verizon prepaid directly.

It seems to me that if Verizon really wants to compete in the prepaid wireless space, it still has some work to do.  Verizon's prepaid plans seem best suited for those who absolutely require VoLTE calling, a feature that Verizon MVNO's currently lack, as well as full speed LTE data as Verizon limits the speed of its MVNO's to about 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

Find out more directly from Verizon Wireless prepaid or see how their plans compare to other providers that use the Verizon Network.

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