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Basic Features

Networks Used:Verizon
High Speed Data:Unlimited GB
Hotspot Data:Yes
International Talk/Text:Yes / Yes
WiFi Calling/Texting:Yes / Yes
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Price Breakdown

1 Line Monthly / Yearly$85 / $1020
2 Lines Monthly / Yearly$160 / $1920
3 Lines Monthly / Yearly$180 / $2160
4 Lines Monthly / Yearly$200 / $2400
5 Lines Monthly / Yearly$250 / $3000
Price Includes All Taxes And Fees?     No

Online Payment Forms Accepted

Checking Account, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Refill Cards

Plan Details

  • Speeds may temporarily slow down during times of network congestion once more than 22 GB of data has been consumed in a month.
  • Unlimited hotspot with the first 15 GB at high speed 4G LTE before throttling to 600 Kbps.
  • HD video streaming with a resolution of 720p for smartphones and 1080p for tablets
  • Talk, text and data roaming available free of charge while traveling in Mexico or Canada.
  • Price is $85 if you enable auto-pay billing.  Price is $90 without auto pay billing enabled.
  • Military discount available.  Active and retired military personnel qualify for 15% off.
  • Includes Verizon Up rewards program

Group/Family Discounts:


Multiple Line Features:

Just $50/month more for each additional line beyond line 5.  Taxes and fees are not included in the prices listed and they vary from state to state.  Prices shown are with auto pay billing enabled for your account.  Active and retired military personnel qualify for 15% off.

Bring Your Own Phone Details

To use Verizon on Verizon's network

If you want to use Verizon's plan on the Verizon network, your phone should ideally support all of the following LTE bands: 2, 4, 5, 13, 66 . Even if your phone does support all of the bands, the phone needs to be approved by Verizon for use on the network.

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