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Mariposa Launching an MVNO Geared Towards U.S. Hispanic Population

By Joe Paonessa – Jan 7, 2015

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      David Fondots, CEO of Mariposa has announced plans to launch an MVNO that targets the USA's Hispanic population although no specific timetable has been set.  The CEO though not entirely correct, states that Univision is currently the only MVNO to offer such a service, offering several criticisms of the company while falling to mention the existence of either Espanol Mobile or Ultra Mobile which both target that same demographic though perhaps not to the same extent as Univision Mobile.  Perhaps Mr. Fondots should start following to better keep tabs on things!

        Mariposa's executive believes the way to go is to offer simple plans with one offering of phone, a his and hers. Fondots believes that distribution will be the key to his MVNOs success and plans to offer branded stores in major U.S. cities.  The prepaid cards they will offer will feature artists and images and colors to help them stand out from other prepaid brand offerings.

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