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  • APN
    Access Point Name.  In simple terms, an APN is how your phone communicates with the network you are trying to access.  If you do not have the proper APN setting programmed into your phone for the network you are subscribed to, you may experience problems such as an inability to send SMS or MMS text messages, place calls or use the internet.

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  • CDMA
    Code Division Multiple Access.  Type of cellular network.  In the USA traditionally used by Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular

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  • GSM
    Global System for Mobile Communications.  2G or second generation of cellular network.  First used in 1991 and it is the world standard.

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  • HD Voice
    a type of audio codec that allows for better souding higher quality phone calls.  Typically HD Voice calls are placed over VoLTE

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  • LTE
    Long Term Evolution.  Type of high speed wireless mobile network

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  • MMS
    Multimedia Messaging Service, an extension of the SMS.  Allows for messages to be sent that are larger than 160 characters.  Typically an MMS message is used to send a picture, video, audio or group SMS text message.

  • MVNO
    Mobile Virtual Network Operator.  See also "What is an MVNO?"

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  • Postpaid
    cell phone service that you get billed for at the end of the month

  • Prepaid
    cell phone service that is paid in advance for use

  • Prioritized
    During times of heavy network traffic, wireless providers will temporarily slow down your download and upload speeds.  Once the network congestion lifts, speeds return back to normal.  This typically occurs once the user has consumed a certain amount of data in a month and usually occurs with unlimited LTE data plans.

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  • SMS
    Short Message Service, or basically a text message which is limited to 160 characters in length.

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  • VoLTE
    Voice Over LTE.  A method to place phone calls over an LTE network.  In the past and on some networks and phones still, phone must drop down to a different network connection such as 3G for phone calls

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  • Wi-Fi Calling
    The ability to use your network provided phone number to place and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network as opposed to using a cellular connection

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