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Deal! Get 1 Month Free Trial Of Unlimited Talk, Text And 4GB Shared Data With FreedomPop

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 8, 2017
FreedomPop 50cent SIM Family Plan Promotion
FreedomPop Offering Free Trial Of Their Family Plan With 50 Cent SIMS

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FreedomPop is offering a free trial of their family plan.  It features unlimited talk, text and 4GB of shared data for just the cost of a SIM card.  SIM cards are currently being priced at 50¢ each so you can get two free lines of service for one month and 2 SIM cards for just a dollar.

FreedomPop's family plan also includes unlimited MMS and visual voicemail, and it operates on AT&T's network.  After the free trial is up, subscribers can expect to pay $44.99/month for the shared data plus a $5.00 per line monthly access charge or a total of $54.99 for two lines.  This is currently the cheapest offering around that I'm aware to offer such a feature set using AT&T's network.

To take advantage of this free trial offer, head on over to the FreedomPop website.

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