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MetTel Mobile an MVNO that Provides Voice, Text and Data for Your Business

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MetTel Mobile Logo

        MetTel Mobile, which is based out of NYC, pools voice, data and text together from the Verizon, Sprint and ATT networks so that you can have nationwide coverage for your business without worry of dead zones.  Through its proprietary MetOne Portal you are able to manage every product and service from all three networks to keep tabs on your businesses inventory, spending and mobile usage.  The company offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions so that  you can block and restrict access to certain content on the web and thus save money on data costs while helping to keep your employees more productive.  MetTel also offers traditional VoIP services, and has a portfolio of telecommunications services that it provides to clients in the USA as well as internationally in Canada, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere.  The company does not however provide wireless service everywhere, but it is available in the USA.  MetTel is not a new fly by night company that may disappear overnight.  They are well established and have been operating since 1996, and have roughly 254 employees with projected revenues of $300 million for 2014.  They should be a safe place for your business to invest in its services if you so choose.  The company does not list pricing information on their website, and instead asks you to contact them for a quote.


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