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1 year ago

I have been using FreedomPop for a year and have only paid a $15 top-up charge (which I have heard is refundable should I cancel my account) for the truly free plan. Sure, you have to be vigilant to keep your account in order and your top-ups renewed, but it CAN be had for free for 200 minutes of mostly unusable call quality, 500 texts (but no MMS) and 200MB of data. They recently made it to where you can actually use all 200MB. Before if you got within 100MB of your limit you could run into trouble and get suspended, but seems to work now. I like FreedomPop, but you need to be careful or pay for some over use.

Greg T
Greg T
2 years ago

Freedompop cannot be trusted. They lie and do the bait and switch. You will be sorry. Their agents speak giberish NOT english.