Mast Mobile Launches MVNO Business Plans

Former Virgin Mobile Executives Launch New Sprint MVNO Mast Mobile: Offers 2 Numbers On 1 Phone

Joe Paonessa - Feb 6, 2016
A new MVNO has just launched raising over $12 million in funding for the endeavor.  The MVNO is called Mast Mobile and it was started by two former Virgin Mobile executives David Messenger and Peter Lurie as well as Bubba Murarka and David Dawson.  Service is currently provided utilizing the Sprint
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ATT Announces New Plans For Business Customers

AT&T Announces New Mobile Select Plans and Equipment Installment Plans for Business Customers

Joe Paonessa - Dec 8, 2015
AT&T is simplifying its wireless and equipment installment plans for its business customers.  The new plans will be available for smartphones, feature phones, data only devices such as laptops and tablets.  All plans with data include shared data. The plans are being aimed at business customers who require 100 lines
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MetTel Mobile Logo

MetTel Mobile an MVNO that Provides Voice, Text and Data for Your Business

Joe Paonessa - Feb 8, 2015
        MetTel Mobile, which is based out of NYC, pools voice, data and text together from the Verizon, Sprint and ATT networks so that you can have nationwide coverage for your business without worry of dead zones.  Through its proprietary MetOne Portal you are able to manage every product and
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NetOnTheRun a T-Mobile Reseller that Provides Talk, Text and Data for Your Business

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2015
            NetOnTheRun is another T-Mobile reseller with a focus on your business.  They offer unlimited talk, text and data for $45 a month, although data is throttled after 1 GB of 4G LTE.  Coverage however, mirrors exactly that of T-Mobiles including all of their roaming agreements which is not
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DataXoom Logo

DataXoom a Multi Network Data Only MVNO for Your Business

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2015
          DataXoom is a relatively new MVNO that operates on the Sprint, ATT and Verizon networks and is exclusively for businesses.  The MVNO provides cellular data only, to be used with tablets, mobile wi-fi hotspots, USB modems, and other devices used in the work place.  Plan options include pay for
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RingPlus to Begin Offering Services for Your Business Needs

Joe Paonessa - Jan 31, 2015
            Sprint MVNO RingPlus, an innovator in the field with features like it’s real time in call app translator and Magic Matching Plan will soon be releasing plans and services that cater to your needs as a business.  The first new feature will come Monday, February 2nd, 2015, where you
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Harbor Mobile's Plans Summary

Harbor Mobile Offers Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Sole Proprietors Unlimited 4G LTE for $50

Joe Paonessa - Jan 1, 2015
Summary of Harbor Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO rates and plans.          Harbor Mobile has been around for a few months although until now we had not been covering them due to their service being primarily aimed towards businesses, which it still is.  However, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs can still apply
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New T-Mobile MVNO Harbor Targeting Businesses

Joe Paonessa - Jul 8, 2014
A new T-Mobile MVNO Harbor Mobile has launched targeting Businesses only.  In fact in the FAQ’s they state plans “strictly target businesses…….each client is vetted to ensure they qualify for the plans.” Plans start at $30 for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of LTE data and a 1 GB
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