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Jolt Mobile APN Settings

If you have no data and your internet doesn’t work unless you connect to WiFi you likely need to update your Jolt Mobile APN Settings. This is especially true if you also cannot send MMS picture messages.

You can fix your MMS picture messaging and internet problems with one of the APN settings listed below.

Please note: It is very IMPORTANT that you follow all the formatting shown in the APN text settings.

If you see something capitalized, then capitalize it in your settings. If you see a comma, use a comma, if there are no spaces between the comma and other words, then don’t make spaces between them and the words in your settings. If you don’t follow this advice, your APN settings will not work properly, and your internet and/or MMS picture messaging will not work.

You are likely visiting this page because you can’t get your MMS or data to work properly. Before switching to one of the settings listed here, I recommend that you delete all the other non-working Jolt Mobile APN Settings on your phone. After applying the new settings, be sure to save them, and then select one. If you still find they don’t work, try rebooting your phone. If you still don’t have success, leave a comment so the issue can be looked into. If you find you have APN settings that work and are different than those listed here, feel free to share the settings in the comments section or send an email so that the database can be updated. If you need to send an email for any other reason, please list what phone you are using and which carrier/MVNO that you are having trouble getting your APN to work with.

How To Find Your Device’s APN Settings So You Can Change Them


APN settings on the iPhone can be difficult to change because in many cases Apple blocks full access to the settings unless you jailbreak and thus hack the phone.

For those of you who do have access to the settings they can be found by going to either:

  • Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network


  • Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network.

Once there you can either tap to reset settings to default or manually edit them. Alternatively, you can also check for automatic configuration by going to settings” followed by “general” and then “about.” If a carrier profile update is available you’ll see a notification for it there.

APN Update Guide For Android Phones And Devices

If you have an Android device, getting to the settings will vary a bit based on your device’s manufacturer and Android version. In general, you can access them by going to “settings” then “wireless networks” or “network & internet” then “mobile network,” and finally “Access Point Names.” You may want to delete whatever settings are already there before you attempt to add one of the new ones shown below. You may also want to first try resetting APNs to the defaults by clicking the 3 dot menu and resetting them.

I currently have a Google Pixel 7, and to get to my APN settings I must go to “settings” then “Network & Internet” followed by “Internet” and then click on the gear icon next to my carrier’s name. Finally, I can click on “Access Point Names” to change the APNs. Alternatively, I can just go to my phone’s settings, use the search bar, and type in “Access Point Names” to be taken to the right place.

Suggested APN Settings Main
MMS Proxy66.209.11.33
MMS Port80
Authentication TypePAP
APN Typedefault,mms,supl
APN Protocol
APN Roaming Protocol

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If you tried the above and nothing at all works for you, your phone shows no signal and you still can’t place calls, send texts and use data, your phone is either not compatible with the Jolt Mobile APN Settings network or you have a bad SIM card and should request a new one from Jolt Mobile APN Settings.

If you can use some parts of the phone like make calls and send texts but can not connect to the internet or send MMS your SIM card is fine but your phone may not be compatible with the network. It may also be that you still haven’t found a working APN for your device. You should also double check your APN settings and make sure you haven’t accidentally added a space, or comma to a setting when there shouldn’t be any.

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